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Hey Kaiya, I'm sorry about you losing your snake. it happened to me when I first got him 3 times, he ended up being where it was the most humid, if you try and put down things where he can climb in to and hide while having humidity in there, like a box with a hole at the bottom he may go there.

He will most likely move at night, it would be important not to go to the areas where you think he might be during the night.

Snakes stay to the sides so they feel things with there bodies so if you put a "trap" right close to the sides of bottom of cupboards or things like that, that’s the place where you will most probably trap him.

He will go in to the box and if you have placed a mouse in there he will eat it and stay there as it’s nice and dark. Then in the morning he will still be there.

Another trick is to put flour down on the floor at door entrances and see if there are marks in it in the morning or put flour around the places you think he is, then you can plan where you put your traps!
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