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Hi everyone! I’m after some advice..

The weather in the uk has been really hot recently and my boy seems to of stopped eating, I’m sure he’s constipated, his poo is getting stuck to his bum and it seems to be dark green and sticky..

I have tried pumpkin baby food and a bath. He’s incredibly fussy so it’s hard to get veg or anything like that down him. I have given the vets a ring but he can’t speak to me until Monday I’m wondering if I should ask for some antibiotics. The last time this happened was around Christmas and after spending 300 pound for scans and blood tests they found nothing wrong, in the end I left with 18 pound antibiotics and they worked.

I don’t want him to have them unless they’re absolutely necessary but I need to help him asap! I’ve been syringing him water and he’s been peeing, not as much as usual but still enough I believe. I haven’t actually seen him drink fro his water bowl and he won’t let me syringe a lot but I’m trying

Any advice/help is highly appreciated!
I also want to get some insurance for him so if this happens again I can be covered what does everyone use in the uk?
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