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So, early March I purchased 5 Forest Armadillo lizards (a mother and 4 babies, which she had 3 in November and within two weeks had a 4th one). I set them up in a nice cage - well, a very large gray plastic bin until I could buy a larger class terrarium. I gave them water, mealworms, collard greens, and some fruit. Additionally, they had a 75wt heat lamp and a 13wt UVB bulb.

A few weeks went by (mind you, everything is fine) and I came down with the flu. It was awful. My fever was at 102.0 F and I was not thinking clearly at all. During this time, I noticed that they had mites. This is an issue I experience once in my 15 years of reptile care, and it was a long time ago.

Without thinking clearly, I purchased a bottle of natural mite spray, put the five lizards in a 10gl glass cage, laid white paper at the bottom, and put the two light fixture directly on top of the cage. I did this on a Sunday morning and when I came home that night, two of the babies were dead and one very lethargic. I believe I over heated them, and feel horrible about it.

The next day, I purchased a 20gl tank and placed the 3 lizards in it. Gave them a hot zone around 90 degrees F and a cold one around 75 degrees.

After a week, I sprayed the cage down while the lizards were out and let it dry. I put them in and everything was fine.

Last week, I did the same. Here is where things stop making since and why I have come to you. The day after I sprayed, the one lizard was curled up in the corner. He had his mouth open and was twitching. I picked him up and gave him water. His back legs went paralyzed and he died shortly after.

Today, I picked up the mother and the last baby left and put them in a small cage to go bath them - they still have mites. Almost immediately, the baby opened its mouth and it looked like its legs went parlayed. I quickly put the mom back and left the baby alone. He seems to be doing better but hasn't moved any.

Could the mites be causing these issues? What can I do to prevent more from dying? How do I get rid of the mites if I can't touch them?

Thank you for your help and/or advice. I am really just lost and confused at this point, and scared to loose another.

Natalie S.

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