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Heys, so its my birthday soon and i been thinking on what to get.
i already have a fat tailed leo gecko and a baby albino gecko both female ^^
and i love them to bits.

i was looking in a mag when i came across a really nice large vivarium :whistling2:
and because its a gd price i really want it :p

(after ive builded it up i will be saving it for when my geckos get bigger)

But the thing is i havnt got a clue what lights to use or heat mats, as i only know how to set up small vivs. it would be very helpful if you could help me out : victory: any pictures or drawing would give me a idea :)

main things i would like to know:
(leo, albino or mack snows maybe goin in here)

1. what light should i put in? (striplight, normal light ect...
2. how many lights should i have in and where abouts?
3. whats a gd sized heat mat? ( someone told me that i should get 2 is that rite or just one big one?

Now ive saw some vivs (smallish ones) with 2 lights which confused me, one normal one and one thats red with a cage round it, whats this about ive read books and everything bout cant find anything :S

also ill be getting 2 more geckos with the basic Viv and of course ill have all the stuff ready (hides ect....)

now i was thinking of getting 2 female geckos i dont know what type yet depends on what they have at :

L 'N' D Exotics - Home

now is it a gd indea to buy 2 geckos at the same time that will go into the same viv ??? i think it would be best because if i get one l8er on the one thats been it the viv longest could be dominant, am i rite?

i would find it very greatful if you could help me out :2thumb:

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