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Hi, the uv goes out equally all around the tube, the tube doesnt know what the topb, bottom, left or right is, its just goes out much like a glow stick would.

So behind the bask is fine, it does wana be as close as possible to your chameleon, so if the bask is near the back on the back side would be good.
If you can get the tube no more than 8 inches away its good, closer the better.

Look forward to seeing pics of your chameleon when you get him/her.
Good luck with it.

PS- EDIT PS- Also worth a mention, to direct more of the UV towards where you want it you can buy reflectors to go on the back of the tube [the back being whatever side you have against a wall etc that theres no need for the uv to go to or nowhere for it to go] you can use tin foil and make your own if you wish also.
Dont worry about this too much though as Chameleons dont benefit from a high amount of UV like some other Lizards so a reptisun 5, where there is an 8 inch or less distance between your cham and the tube surface will do nicely.

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