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I have been using the Herp Nursery this year to incubate my male leopard geckos. Getting the tempertures right in the Herp Nursery is never easy. I found early on it was impossible to get the temps around 88 degrees which would be ideal for male leos. I found that temps seem to stick around 90 degrees and if i turned it down slighty that it would drop 86 degrees. This all seemed to change as i filled the Herp Nursery with GEOs. The fuller the incubater became the more stable the temperature became. I now have stable temps on the top half of the Herp Nursery of 88 degrees. However there is a 2 degree drop to the bottom where the Herp Nursery sits at 86 degrees.
So far we have hatched several eggs from the GEOs in the Herp Nursery. All eggs look great we have lost no eggs through denting or mould.
A great Success so far.

I will be posting more information on my website and facebook page about the GEO and other incubators. If you are intersted please check out my website and click the facebook like.


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