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Greig Smith Travels in association with Panthera Journeys welcome you to join us on a truly magnificent adventure in Herpetofauna. We love to share our passion for herping this area, where the populations of flora and fauna continue to thrive!

Search for...
Banded Gila Monsters
Arizona Black Rattlesnake
Green Mojave Rattlesnake
Regal Ringed-Necked Snake
& much much more!



- Learn outback survival skills
- Explore spectacular wilderness
- Led by Expert herpetological/Wilderness guide/ fully qualified wilderness medic

This tour will focus on Herpetofauna of the Region, although many other rare mammals and birds to North America, inhabit the area. One being the Mexican Jaguar. For those interested in the multiple ecological habitats will also be intrigued by the several zones that will be encountered on this journey.
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