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Hi People,
We at Planet Wildlife have finally managed to get some of our herp tours up on our website. Feel free to check out a small sample of the trips that we have up there. We also have lots more trips which are not online yet, these include Amazon herp tours, trips to Guyana, Galapagos and much more. And as you will see from the website, we dont just do herp trips, we do practically every wildlife trip you can think of, from African Safaris to Antarctic expeditions.
Our company is made up of not only travel industry professionals, but wildlife professionals as well (ecologists, biologists, herpetologists) and we aim to create genuine eco tourist experiences which have a positive impact on conservation. One such example, is our trip to Arunachal Pradesh with Romulus Whitaker and Gerry Martin, which is part of an Asian wide initiative investigating snakebite and its treatment.
If you would like to take part in a once in a lifetime wildlife tour with the experts, then please get in touch.
Paul Greig Smith
[email protected]
[email protected]
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