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90L 60D 50H CM / 36L 24D 20H INCHES. ~1 year old.

100w ceramic bulb, large dome, day/night habistat pulse prop stat & timer. (As you can see, there is a spot for the ceramic to go, so no chance of any animals being burnt!)

£175 for the lot or £150 for the vivarium on its own. All in, this setup cost me over £300 quid!)
Would consider swap for a snake.

PMs please if you are interested.

Please note that I am in Northern Ireland, so collection only, unless you want to check out courier prices.

I will not sell the heating/stat on their own unless I sell the Herptek first.

Please ignore the boring kitchen roll and cardboard hides, this is a real attractive viviarium (check out the official site for good pictures). Herptek - Créateur de terrariums pour reptiles

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