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Herptek vivarium for sale.
Its the larger size in the classic style (HTB180)
Ideal for BIG snakes such as burms, retics, boas etc
180cm x 90cm x 50cm (6ft x 3ft x 1.5ft)

This viv is in great condition and has barely been used.

At the minute it doesn't have any glass...I should have it somewhere and just need to dig it out (got lost in the house move) but I have no idea where.
I will sell for £275 without the glass or £350 with the glass (if found)
They are £660 new!
New glass shouldn't be that much.

Drop me a PM if interested, I will get photos up when I have given it a clean at the weekend.

Small payment plan maybe available.

COLLECTION ONLY and you will need a big van/car.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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