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just thought i would say hi ive bin on this website loads just only recently made an account lol all ready had a few people making bad commentsat me but thats there own problem currently me and my m8 daniel keep all the reptiles together in his garage and a few at my house we currently have
1.3.0 bearded dragons
0.0.1 bluetail monitor
0.0.1 bosc monitor
1.3.0 rankins dragons
1.2.0 dumeril boas
1.0.0 anery boa (very nasty)
0.1.0 arabesque boa
0.2.0 columbian boas
1.1.0 salmon boas
1.1.0 bairds rat snake
2.4.0 brazilian rainbow boa
0.1.0 giant madagascan hognose
1.2.0 western hognose
1.0.0 pastel pink hognose
4.8.0 corn snakes (diferent morphs)
0.1.0 marine toad
and to many mice rats crickets and locust lol
we will b adding sum pics soon

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welcome to the forum

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:welcome: to the forum.
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