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I don't actually own any reptiles (i have a white face Cockatiel called Archie) but i have joined up to do some research on the needs of reptile owners (and pet owners in general) in regards to cleaning.

I work for a company that will soon be launching a range of pet friendly biocidal cleansers based on the old Viroklenz range from years ago (i don't know if anyone here remembers them? They were highly rated back in the day but due to a problem with distribution the company moved away from pet care at the time) and wanted to know what your main concerns are when buying a cleaning product.

Do you search for them based on:

1. The fact they are pet safe
2. That they are oxidisers that kill odours
3. That they kill a massive range of virus', bacteria, fungus' etc.

The range will cover reptiles, avians and small mammals to start off with...

Anyways, sorry if you see this as "advertising" but this is more to get a feel for your needs..


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