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Hi all!!

I registered today, so I think that the best I can do is to start with my postings here..

My namn is Miqe a.k.a. Morbid or MiqeMorbid. I was born 1966 and am married. Two daughters with different mom´s.

The keeping of herptiles started in mid -80´s with some Cornsnakes and Gartersnakes but as time passed by, I got more and more interested in the European herpetofauna. So, today I only keep Europeans..

What do I keep?:

Venomous snakes:
Vipera ammodytes
Vipera orlovi
Gloydius halys caraganus

Non-venomous snakes:
Elaphe quatuorlineata muenteri
Zamenis situla

Podarcis milensis
Lacerta agilis
Podarcis pityusensis kameriana
Podarcis sicula cettii
Timon lepidus

Hyla arborea

Well.. That´s it for now..


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:welcome: to the forum.

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welcome to the forum
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