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hi welcome to the forum.

For beardies give them the largest viv you can, generally go for length over height.
Use an approriate sized reflector bulb for a basking site, viv size dependent.
you want a temp directly under the bulb where the animal will sit to be about 110 degrees.
The light has to be of a safe distance so the beardie wont and cannot touch it and burn itself.

give them between 12 and 16 hours of light a day time of year dependent.

High Uv required so if you are going to use a uv tube it wants to be a repti 10.
it also wants to be as close to where the beardies spend as much time as possible.

With the temps on the bask [hottest point] being so warm its also important that the cool end be no higher than 85 degrees for a decent stretch ,easily accomplished to be honest, am happy to give more specific advise if you know what viv size ur goin for etc.

SUBSTRATE is highly debated, size and age of beardie depending but Playsand is popular as far as loose substrates go and tiles and kitchen flooring is used a lot also.

Food is a mix of insects and veg, more specific to follow if u like.

Water is important, a small bowl should be in thier... however they often wont drink from a bowl and there are other methods you can use [just ask]

Humidity is best kept as low as possible as thats how they prefer it, we have fairly high humidity in the uk to be honest so its hard to get it lower than 50% im sure yourv noticed this with your leos.

Calcium and vit supplementation is also critical as again im sure yourv used with your gecko.

Furniture such as logs, bark slabs, rocks etc are all good.
fake and real plants [ask which] are good in general.

Let me know if u require any additional info.


13,813 Posts
hi dude.
the 10.0 would have been better than the 8 but no worries.
please bare in mind the following, even touchin the tube the uv given out wont compare to that of the natural world outside in Australia.
from 3 inches its less than what we have in the uk and by 12 inches its nothing.
bare this in mind when positioning it...

if your room is always 80 degrees durin the day summer and winter no need for a heatmat, otherwise yes you should get one.

what wattage of bulb did you buy?
and what type of stat did you get?
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