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I have a price list for 2011 Hognose's.

Animals are to be imported in September and are very high quality animals at very competitive prices.

Animals hatching Mid-July/Early August

Taking reservations for delivery (or pick up) in September.
20% deposit required by 12th August will secure animals. Balance payment on delivery or pickup.

We need all reservations and deposits by 12th August (Next Friday), otherwise we will not be able to add you to the order.

We are hoping to do another shipment at the late this year/Early next year.

Lastly we would like to say thank you to the many people that have made reservations.

Price List as follows:

Albino -Males-£250
Albino -Females-£275
Extreme Red Albino-Males-£775-Best quality Reds (even redder than before)
Extreme Red Albino-Females-£800-Best quality Reds (even redder than before)
Purple line extreme Red Het Albino-Males -£650 -Very good quality
Purple line extreme Red Het Albino-Females-£700-Very good quality
Purple line Albino Males -£1,050
Purple line Albino Females-£1,100
Anaconda Normal Males Starting from £1,200-£1,800 Price depends on pattern
Anaconda Normal Females Starting from £1,200-£1,800 Price depends on pattern
Anaconda Het Albino-Males-£1,950
Anaconda Het Albino-Females- £2,100
Anaconda Het Anery-Males-£2,350
Anaconda Het Anery-Females-£2,400
Anaconda Het Hypo-Males-£2,500
Anaconda Het Hypo-Females-£2,600
Red Anaconda Poss het Albino-Males-£2,900
Red Anaconda Poss het Albino-Females-£3,050
Albino Anaconda-Males £3,200
Albino Anaconda-Females-£3,400
Purple Anaconda Poss het Albino-Males-Enquire
Purple Anaconda Poss het Albino-Females-Enquire
Het Anery/Axanthic-Males-£450
Het Anery/Axanthic-Females-£450
66% het snow-Males-£300
66% het snow-Females-£300
Albino (66% het Anery) Males -£350
Albino (66% het Anery) Females-£375
Hypo Males -£575
Hypo Females-£600
Pastel Pinks Albino-Males-£925
Pastel Pinks Albino-Females-£950
Het Pastel Pink Albino-Males-£400
Het Pastel Pink Albino-Females-£450
Toffee Belly Males -£1,450
Toffee Belly Females-£1,500
Het Toffee Belly Males -£450
Het Toffee Belly Females-£475
50% Poss Het Lavender Males -£300
50% Poss Het Lavender Females-£300
Jaguar Females-£2,750
Jaguar x Green Albino Males -Enquire
Jaguar x Green Albino Females-Enquire
Superconda (poss triple Hets) Males -£3,750-Poss het (pastel pink/ Hypo/ Albino
Superconda (poss triple Hets) Females-£4,000-Poss het (pastel pink/ Hypo/ Albino
Purple Line Superconda Males -£5,000
Tricolour (Lystrophis Pulcher) Males -£175
Tricolour (Lystrophis Pulcher) Females-£175

As always, let me know if you have any questions
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