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My first ever snake I had, was very young, only 5 weeks old, she's a Kingsnake, beautiful black and stark yellow. I'd wanted one FOR YEARS so I went a bit overboard on the caring at first. I took her to the vets no less than 4 times in the first 5mos and was constantly worrying about her environment.
So I changed her up a cage, thinking the more space she had, the better. I was paranoid about her escaping, always locked everything. Then one night at about the time she always came out, she didn't.
I shook my boyfriend at the time awake and said I thought something wasn't right. He rolled his eyes. I lifted up the wood she always slept under and she wasn't there. I tried not to panic but I knew from then she wasn't going to be anywhere. She had slipped herself through the hole where the wiring for the lights were. Smaller than my little finger. (always tape up these holes, no matter how tiny you think they are!)
Dean and I tore the room apart looking for her, stayed up all night. After two days of frantically looking at leaving all my stuff in bin bags, we consulted the forum and tried several traps, tried flour around the edge of the room. There were trails and we even heard her one night but we were never quick enough. EVentually Mom complained of the smell of the dead rats and we stopped doing the traps. I cried for a solid month and sporadically for another 2.
We gave up after that. I still insisted my door was closed and I don't really remember when I finally hoovered up the flour but I bought a new snake before going to uni. A lovely little hognose, though I still felt horribly guilty about my last one.
One day, at uni, about 9mos later, I had stayed over the night at my new boyfriends house when I received a message from my Dad. "Don't worry but phone as soon as you get this."
Obviously worried, I rang home.
"So I was mowing the lawn," began Dad, "When I saw a slow worm but when I picked it up, it was quite big and I thought it might be a grass snake (my cheeks were flushed in case I dare hope) I threw it back but then I thought your Mom likes grass snakes so I took it again and Edan... I think we've found your snake!"
I rushed home that weekend and took what was indeed my snake home. Since then, she's been a lovely healthy pet, coming up to about 3ft long and I've been a much more relaxed owner!
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