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Hi all, so I'm finishing high school this year and for my design and technology exam, we had to make a storage unit. Being as creative as possible with the word "storage" I decided to make a vivarium. Due to budgeting, I was unable to design and make a vivarium of an adequate size for a bearded dragon, which was what I was hoping to house. My finished product is a vivarium made of plywood, with the dimensions 3ft X 1ft X 1ft. (Yes me teacher hated me for using inches and feet compared to the norm cm and mm!) It has been designed so that it can have substrate a couple inches deep, if that is required, but ultimately, I am unsure what to keep in it.

Was hoping you guys could give me some ideas on the types of reptiles that I could store in it. I already have a corn snake, and would prefer either a gecko or lizard, I am aware that the dimensions would suit a snake better, but as they say, variety is the spice of life! And so I would prefer to keep some other than a snake.

As I am sure you would understand from what I have said, the vivarium is made of wood, and so reptiles requiring higher humidities would be difficult/not possible to keep.

Thanks for all those that help me out with this, am sure your creative and far more intelligent, knowledgeable minds will give me a suitable reptile to have.

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