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I've recently acquired a bearded dragon from someone who couldn't look after her anymore, she is 4 years old and slightly overweight but she will not touch her veg. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her to eat her veggies.
A number of ways I'd suggest:

- Easiest is to try rubbing her mouth with the greens, ours tends to open his mouth with very little touching as he is use to syringe feeding. This is unlikely to work with you but worth a try.

- Second is to do what others have suggested by placing live food in the veg and hope she gets some veg by accident.

- If you get some spare time try popping a plate full of greens in her viv and watch her for a few hours, she may be taking the odd mouthful throughout the day without your knowledge (ours does).

- Another option is a vivactor, it is basically a dish that vibrates and it activates their instinct to chase the veg and eat it. I have heard some fairly good reviews about it but it is the most expensive option and it may not work.

I wouldn't worry too much if she isn't eating as much veg as you would like, if you gut load the live food really well she shouldn't miss out too much. Although of course it isn't ideal she doesn't like her veg! If you get really desperate you could try blending it all with some water and syringing it on her nose but that's fairly impractical and the last thing you want is a beardie that relies on syringe feeding for her veg!
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