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Great sized 2009 Male , should breed for you this year,
He's arriving in June and was bred by Kyle Frost!
He's in great health, bought by me to increase the gene pool I have but now I feel I have too many boas once again!

When you breed a hypo motley you should get no normals in the litter (even if bred to a normal!) they only produce motleys or hypos.
Given that this boy is 100% het for sharp albino that means bred to a sharp albino girl you'll only produce

Hypos het sharp (Double het sunglows)
Sharp Sunglows
Motleys het sharp
Sharp albino motleys

Needless to say you'll more than recoup his value if you wish to have him as a breeder.

And as a pet he is a fine snake to have in your home.

More pics to follow later / just check out the striped tail on him!, his darker colouration should really help produce sunglows to die for!

PM with any questions



1 - 7 of 7 Posts
Not open for further replies.