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I am looking for a couple of reptiles as listed below:

Rough scaled sand boa - male and female. Age: jugenilles or sub/young adults
Rubber boa - any age/sex.
African brown house snake - male any age.
Western hognose snake - any age/sex. NB not interested in morphs or hets, there for I will not pay for one with such.
Bull/pine/gopher snake - any age/sex
Orange/red eyed crocodile skink - any age/sex
Fire skink - male, any age

If I am to collect you will need to be local as I do not drive. If you can deliver at a reasonable cost I am happy to pay fuel. If not you should be aware I may use Wild World Reptiles courier to collect and transport animals as need be.
Please email me if you help: [email protected]
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