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Can anyone help me out who has any 1st or 2nd hand experience of these (Richardson Ground Squirrels)
I have read and read all i can find on them and prairie dogs but some things im unsure.
I read use a ferret cage but then i read like PD they have no perception of height and can injure themselves if they fall.
I have a ferplast cage which is single level and 1m long (a new indoor rabbit cage). Would this be ok with pipes laid under the substrate to allow another safe layer to explore, with wheels and things to keep them entertained?

They would come out daily as our rabbits do in the house for fun (trouble) times lol and will have an outdoor play pen made for summer months when im in the garden.

Would it be ok hibernating them in a greenhouse for two months during winter? (say november and december before the weather gets too bad)

How old are yours as iv herd they live 6-10 years which is a pretty big diffrence!

Are there any other things which you could tell me about their behaviour and care.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who helps out :2thumb:

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