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wanted female royal pythons
im looking for female royal pythons as have three males 1223g 09 male and two 2010 male,which i want to breed one day,,,im intrested in swaps only as money is very tight at momen,t i have 36 tarantulas of all typesand sizes and would like to swap some of them for females, dont mind one or two normals but realy looking for morphs if possible,i have there breeding pairs,some pokies including 6inch female regalis,cobalt blue ,redknees,pm me if you are intrested and will pm list of tarantulas,,need to be collected unless near to milton keynes,,,,thanks for reading... roger

plus have breeding pair of emperor scorpions in exo terra viv 18x18x18ins and light hood available for the right snake

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would be interested in selling afew if no swaps available
Avicularia Avicularia Common Pink-toe m male £15 including glass tank
Avicularia Leata Puerto Rican Pink-toe grown on sling £10
Brachypelma Albopilosa Honduran Curly hair Female £25
Brachypelma Vagans Mexican Red rump Female £30
Brachypelma Smithi Mexican Red knee Female £50
Cyclosterum Fasciatum Costa Rican Tiger rump slings x2 £10 pair
Grammostola Rosea Chilean Rose £20
Heteroscodra Maculata Togo Starburst Baboon juvies x2 £10 each
Lasiodora Parahybana Brazilian Salmon Pink juvies £10
Poecilotheria Rufilata Indian Red-slate Ornamental juvies x3 £10 each
Poecilotheria Ornata Sri-Lankan Fringed Ornamental juvies x2 £10 each
Poecilotheria Regalis Indian Ornamental 6inch Female £45 including custom glass tank
Poecilotheria Striata Mysore Ornamental sling £10
Psedohapalous Spinulopalpus Colombian Pink Stripe M Male £20
Psedohapalous Spinulopalpus Colombian Pink Stripe MFemale £25
Pterinochilus Chordatus Kilimanjaro Baboon slings x2 5
Pterinochilus Murinus Golden starburst baboon juvies x2 15pair
Thrixopelma Pureins Peruvian Green Velvet Female £25
Haplopelma lividum Burmese Cobalt Blue female £30
Eucratoscelus pachypus Stout Leg Baboon juvies x2 £15 pair
Chilobrachys andersoni Malaysian mahogany earth tiger M Male £20
Chilobrachys andersoni Malaysian mahogany earth tiger M Female £25
Phormictopus cancerides Haitian Brown MM £20
Phormictopus cancerides Haitian Brown MFemale £25
Pterinochilus lugardi Fort Hall Baboon juvies x2 £10 pair
Tapinauchenius cupreus Indigo Tree Spider slings x2 £5 pair
all spiders come with plastic tanks or tubs
slings come in there own tubs
only colbalt blue and avic avic have glass tanks
willing to do a deal on some or all tarantulas
or swap some for female royal pythons
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