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Hey there I'm from England, living in Canada (Quebec) at the moment and own an iguana who is 3 feet 4 1/2 inches. I just wanted to give info about iguana care as there is so much that people don’t know about taking care of there own iguana and for people to understand how much work it takes to have an iguana as a pet. A lot of people think oh it’s a reptile lets just stick it in a tank and give it some heat and humidity and then all the work is done.

So many people say oh no iguanas? And there reaction is to be really negative cuz of the reputation they have of being aggressive, but what people don’t realize is that those aggressive iguanas mostly have had a tough life as many thousands around the world suffer from neglect. At first if you buy an adult iguana they may be aggressive cuz of past trauma and bad living spaces.

Our Iguana is about 3 years old. When we brought him he had a re-grown tail (as iguanas can lose there tails when feeling under attack, stressed or just simply from cruelty) and 70% of his fingers were broken due to no UV or calcium when he was younger or throughout his life. He was also very skinny. The day we got him he was so aggressive and very stressed out. He puffed up at me and threatened to whip as he did to the cats and all I could do was just go for it, just try and pick him up whatever the risk to tell him were not going to hurt him and after awhile he calmed down and sat in my hands. Ever since then he has been so easy to handle. One of the cats even sleeps with him sometimes and he don’t mind at all. Sometimes all it takes is a little care everyday and it can do so much for a animal.

So a lot of people buy Iguanas thinking their going to have this cool big lizard and then it goes and whips them cuz it has been stressed out and had a tough life and most people instinctively don’t touch or handle the iguana and then a week goes by cuz the person is scared if this iguana, then they go and try to touch it and it shows aggression again and then the next thing you know its in a rescue center or pet store or in a real bad situation and it keeps going around and around geting put from bad home to bad home until it finds the right home.

Like I said its alot to take care of a iguana. I have wanted one since I was 8 but admit now that I would not of been able to care for such an animal at the time. They really need alot of care and attention. The moment you leave it for awhile and not give it any attention it could become aggressive. How would you feel left alone for days on end by the people who are meant to be looking after you? Then they come back all happy. What would your reaction be? I heard so many stories of people saying they had this really nice iguana and they came home one day and it whipped them and they got rid of it. That happens cuz people think they can leave them days on end in their cage or witchever place they are.

My Iguana is in the living room on its own stand about 5 feet tall made out of wood and has two levels: one where he can go to bask with his heat lamps and UV bulb and the other where he can go and sit if he needs to cool down. It has carpet on the two levels similar to a cat post, and has foliage around the stand and above it for him to feel more in his element. He also has a ladder, also with carpet on each step that goes right up to the top level for him to come down and explore a little. I don’t let him walk around all day as he could try and take over the place. It happened to me in the last place cuz we were moving and it got hectic. He would come down from his post and walk around and you would go and try and find him and it would be a little struggle trying to tell him were not about to cook him! lol But I persisted, bringing him back each time he wandered off TOO much. And now, when he walks around, he comes back to his nice warm heat lamps after only a bit! We also handle him often and that makes him more docile while rewarding us with a calm iguana. All you need to do is take care of your iguana like any other pet. They might cost a little money that everybody might not have but in the end if you can't afford any animal, you simply don’t get it cuz what’s more important? You being all happy cuz you got this iguana but not be able to treat him right and give him what he needs. Or for you to be with out one and not see him suffer? The RSPCA or rescue centers around the world don’t agree to a point to keeping reptiles for these reasons... reptiles are some of the most neglected animals in the world. Tons die every year by neglect but there is very few people trying to save them. Why is that?....and its cool that this site is here cuz I know that most of the people on this site are there to protect reptiles and understand the simple rules of keeping an animal! ... Anyway! As for food...... what we feed him is a mixture of veggies containing ---.

(One average salad)

About 70% Greens, usually about 3 types:

- (1) Collards
- (2) Watercress
- (3) Turnip greens
- (4) Beet greens
- (5) Mustard greens
- (6) Chicory greens
- (7) Dandelions

All of these greens are really high in calcium compared to plain lettuce, which iguanas love but is just a filler more then anything else.

So the best is to feed it these greens. You can feed your iguana romaine lettuce in emergency’s but never iceberg lettuce cuz it’s really watery and contains nothing much good for the iguana or other herps and they can get addicted to it and can become fussy about eating the better greens. So yea!

About 20% squash and parsnip (grated)
And some chopped snap peas, snow peas or green beans.

List of different Squashs:

- (1) Butternut Squash
- (2) Hubbard Squash
- (3) Pumpkin
- (4) Spaghetti Squash
- (5) Acorn Squash

About 10 % should be fruit... Anymore than that and you will have big poo problems! (of course little treats here and there are fine :wink: ).

- (1) Banana (not too much as it can block and fill your iguana, meaning he won’t go for the good greens!).
- (2) Mango
- (3) Papaya
- (4) Grapes
- (5) Figs (dried or fresh)
- (6) Cherries

(Yes I hope you are seeing the rhythm, iguanas love the most fancy fruits! $$$ lol). :shock: :shock:

- (7) Pear
- (8 ) Cantaloupe (once in awhile, poops!)
- (9) Raspberries
- (10) Blueberries
- (11) Strawberries
- and a few others....

For Calcium supplements, we use Rep-Cal Phosphorus Free, once every two days. We mix it in his food.

For vitamins supplements, we use a vitamin powder. I’m not sure which one! As I have lost the oroginal box :roll: but vitamins is a must too. Every other day mixed in his food.

By the way, there are alot of other veggies you can feed your iguana. This is just one average meal that we give our iguana but it must contain those 70% greens for the calcium. These are the “main” ones. Iguanas LOVE colour in there food so what brings colour? :idea:

(1) Flowers (be careful not to pick up poisonous ones so make sure you know what you’re picking and make sure there is no parasites and pesticides on them). Roses have colour so you could shred some of those up and add them. Remember you can't depend on these to feed your iguana. There more for him to be more tempted instead of boring green…

(2) Pepper, (green, red, and yellow)

Some fruits can also give the colour such as the ones listed above.

Oh yes.. One more thing.. the poo... our iguana takes a bath everyday and that is where he poos. He is 100% potty trained! or bath trained... lol. It also helps him with humidity. He stays up to an hour in the warm water. It is good as well to keep the bath clean for people by using bleach and make sure you clean out ALL the bleach before putting the iguana back in. Other ways, if you don't want to use your bath, is to use a tray or large water bowl for the iguana to go in. We also spray him with a spray bottle of water to keep his humidity up throughout the day.

I hope this Info is useful to anyone... Reply to anything that interests you or if you need more info. I’m not an expert on iguanas I Have one them. :) :)

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Oh yea!... The squash Hubbard Squash makes an iguanas blue colours come out alot if fed this one.. and if you feed it pumkin his Orange will come out alot.

Have fun! :)

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any chance nicky or t-bo could move this to caresheets

very nice quide by the way :) maybe try and spread it out into smaller paragraphs, but hey i've never done a guide so.... :)

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hey man, its good to see you know what your doin foodwise with your iguana, thannks for the list :)

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