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When ever I have upped the size of his food or increased the number, my corn seems to turn into a hunting and eating machine.

Last week I increased his meals to two crawlers in one sitting, 3 days after feeding (once digested) he was back on the prowl for food again. He comes out very early in the evening at about 6 for an hour, then he will come out again around 10 or 11 for a couple of hours.

Not sure after that as I am usually asleep :D

He has done this on each feeing milestone pinkies to fluffs, 1 fluff to 2 fluffs, 2 fluffs to 1 crawler, and now 1 crawler to 2 crawlers.

After two weeks or so on the new feeding regime, he seems to calm down on the hunting and usually comes looking a day before he is due his next feed.

Anyone else experienced this kind of behaviour or have I got a the worlds first pig snake :no1:
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