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I have no idea on the production volume, but I'm sure if a pulse stat was needed they wouldn't' be costing the same as a habistat etc. An arduino nano, or even a $2 ESP86xx wifi module can run code an switch a $1 SSR to make it a pulse proportional stat, so the electronics are as cheap as chips :) One of these could easily be made and retail for under £100 and there would still be a hefty profit in it for them
Very true if you have the mass discounts of a big manufacturer. But if they can sell rubbish now for £150 (and lets face it they are crap) they will. Then they will be able to sell the revised one, with better components, when people are sick of the rubbish. They just have to time it so the competition does not get there before them.
However to make the current peltier model better they just need a delayed off swicth, like the one that powers the fan in a bathroom, so that the hot side of the peltier is cooled before the fan stops. those parts retail at one to two quid, so would be pennies to a manufacturer.
Maybe they simply don't want a more reliable product yet. :devil:
In industry they have a thing where failure or replacement of the product, projected resales if you like, is built in to the product. After all if they sold one that worked and lasted forever they would not sell another to that buyer. So improvements are implemented over time making the product a cash cow for the company.
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