I have a number of 2022 Jungle Carpet Pythons for sale. I will post photos when they have shed, and they will be ready to go when they have had a number of feeds. They are sexed, so I do have pairs. I also have a 2021 male which is well started, and is currently eating large rat pups. I am happy to sell him for £75 too, along with a female.

I am expecting young later on from the following species:

Black Leopard Snakes (Zamenis situla) - rare naturally occurring form lacking red colour. From a small area in Montenegro.
Four-lined Snakes (Elaphe quartourlineata) - from Croatia.
Eastern Black Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis *****) - from Louisville
Eastern Foxsnakes (Pantherophis gloydi) - from Lake Huron
Northern Green Ratsnakes (Senticolis triaspis intermedia) - from Box Canyon, Arizona
Western Stimson's Pythons (Antaresia s stimsoni) - from The Pilbara, Western Australia
Mexican Black Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis nigrita)
PM me for details etc.