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Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell/swap my two inverts. I've had the scorpion for about 3 months now and the spider for about 5. being completely honest I think I'm a little out of my league in keeping them, and jumped straight into the deep end.

The salmon pink was sold to me as a female, but notbeing experienced enough to tell I'm selling as unsexed. The scorpion was sold to me as unsexed.

They can come with their setup for a bit extra, the spider is in a fauranium type enclosure which I believe is getting a little too small for him, and the scorpion is in a acrylic type enclosure. At the minute they're inside a 45x45 exo terra (obviously in their own cages) with a terra fan set up on the roof, for better ventilation. This can all come with them if needed!

I'd be interested In Swapping for royals, but let me know of any offers and ill get back to you!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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