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Juwel rio 180 in beech + cabinet

The aquarium itself does show a fair amount of water now due to its age. Some minor and a few deep scratches as you can see. The light unit was brand new only 4 months ago though with 2x day T5 tubes. The cabinet also has some damage (see pics) please also note the wood under the cabinet is just for support due to uneven floor. Everything else that comes with the tank is only 2 months old! The items a are as follows:

Eheim Ecco pro 300 + media

Pipe work

Hydor 300 external heater

Algae scrubber

Medium sized net

Seachem cichlid lake salt

Seachem prime

Seachem clarity

Seachem nourish

Seachem nutridiet cichlid flakes

60lbs Caribsea cichlid live sand

40lbs ocean rock

18x giant snail shells

Juwel blue background

Marina digital thermometer


6x neolamprologus multifaciatus

Will spilt the fish from the set up!

£230 Ono.

Or £180 for aquarium and set up and £50 for the 6 cichlids.

Will need two people to collect due to my ill health. And containers if you're taking everything plus the water. Only selling up so soon due to house move this year. Any other questions, please do ask.

Cash on collection preferred.

Thanks for looking. :no1:


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