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hi everyone. I'm started breeding feeder mice, and waondered if anyone had any plans for a CO2 box to kill the mice and rats etc. I heard you could simply fill a tall bcuket with it by emptying CO2 gas bottles in and because CO2 has an atomic mass of 44, it is far less than nitrogen (28) and Oxygen (16) which make up the bulk of the atmosphere, so it will sink and stay in the deep bin, and simply place rodents in there, and they should relatively quickly pass away. However, having filled a 3 feet deep, and narrow baout 1'x1' bin with 2 small CO2 canisters, and placing a mouse in there, it just walked about for about5 or 6 minutes, by whihc time i gave up as it seemed to have no effect whatsoever. :S I know the principal, but theres no plans anywhere.

For my bike, I have a CO2 pump, whihc takes small catridges about 20 grams or so, enough to fill about 1.5 inner tubes. and these are 99p each refills from the gun shop (far more expensive in bike sotres) I was considering, fixing an inner tube valve to the bottom of a deep plastic bin, with a lose lid on it....this way, as i filled the tub slowly from the bottom, the CO2 might displace the other gas whihc slowly escapes out the top, and maybe with a collection of carbon dioxide in the bottom high enough to rapidly and humanley kill the mice :S

I like the idea of an acid base reaction, but these can produce a lot of foaming too!

If you do get som HCl (hydrocholoric acid) place some tin foil in there and you get hydrogen whihc can be fun to pop!

thanks for any info guys
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