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We're pretty new to RFUK so hi all! We were recommended the message board to get some great, experienced advice rather than heading to wikipedia!

We both come from families that have kept and bred animals of different shapes and sizes, and we're now in a good position to take on a new fur baby thats a little more exotic!

We've become besotted with Kinkajous and have been pouring over articles and blogs about them for a very long time. It seems clear to us that breeders in the UK are rare and rightly cautious when buying and selling to new homes.

My proposition isn't a WANTED: SELL ME ONE NOW post, but rather we'd love it if a owner/breeder would be happy for us to meet their kinkajou(s), allow us to ask questions so we can make some well researched decisions.

We're big fans of responsible pet ownership and just want to come say hi! :flrt:

Thanks so much!

Kate and Matt x
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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