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Decided to sell individually lab cages and mice

first picture is of the smallest ones hold 2.1 i have 30 of them with bottles

5 pounds each or with mice 7 pounds

second picture i have 3 three of them they hold 5.1 with bottles

8 pounds each or ten pounds with mice

third i have four of them they are big not used but would imagine 9-10.1 mice would comfortably fit i paid 15 pounds each so would like that back i can supply them with pet shop style water bootles

so 15 pounds each or 20 pounds with mice

Or the whole lot without mice 200 pounds
with mice 280 pounds

i can supply them with adult breeding mice (some may be pregnant)
or ones you grow on yourself

i can deliver locally

i will post once funds have been received (paypal gifts only)

i am attending the Norwich show in july so i would be willing to bring with me
but a non refundable deposit must be paid as i dont fancy taking them all that way and getting let down

open to swaps leos royals

plus i have lots of mice breeders/feeders 1 pound each or deals on multiples

any questions please ask

1 - 2 of 2 Posts