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Built using alcove in my house. Used 4ft greenhouse heater under floor £36, vented in front and to interior of viv via a false flue. Doors are 2 interior doors purchased from Ebay £30. 100W Ceramic heater top right. 2 florescent 3ft strip lights 1 blue 1 white. Light switches fitted above doors and underfloor thermostat used for heaters can be programmed to reduce temp at night if required from ebay again £15. Wood removed from floor of local wood, jetwashed and treated with Ardap. Totem pole £5 ebay. Wood on walls removed from old aquarium washed and baked. Swing made from old curtain pole and cat scratch post rope. Still to be painted to cover any pine and make visually perfect.
Greenhouse heater can heat whole viv top max 85f but with addition of 100w ceramic easily 85f plus, gradient to centre 75f and low 80f on floor. Humidity steady 45%-50%. Back wallpaper by Grandeco £16 ebay. Should be ready for Neville by Monday.

What do you think?

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