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Due to a pending house move this year I regrettably have to sell my established and healthy colony of leaf cutting ants, these are atta and the colony will continue to grow rapidly but there are enough chambers with the set up to keep you going for a few years. the queen is often visible and the soldiers are so impressive huge things.
the colony could quite easily be set up as a sealed pod construction.
whats included...
leaf cutting ants and all the chambers and connecting tubes £175 , the colony alone cost more than this so a very realistic price, the aquarium is not included in this price!
Aquarium "4ft rio 240 1 year old", filter, light unit "aqua one led plant grow", water heater and custom made lid "6mm acylic with vents", £150
the stand is not included in the above price...
The whole set up if brought together is £300 no offers.
there is also fish in the aquarium that will be removed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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