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i expect my leo is leading me a dance here and that as soon as its lights out hes jumping bout like a fool but he doest come out an awful lot in the evenings,hes full of beans when hes out the viv but when he goes back in he adopts his fave day time position under his log legs out flat looks real funny proper sunbathing style but was wondering how much you all see yours out n about
Hi, More than likely due to the drop in temps because of winter.
Even though the heat may be the same as the summer that is being generated from heat matts etc, Leo's can still sense the difference.

Which will mean the food intake will be less than normal and will sleep and hide more.

Mine have stopped coming out before I go to bed now and are sleeping alot more. I only catch them at weekends now when I am up late.
Sometimes catch them out late evening, for a small stretch and yawn, then they go back to sleep.
In the summer they are out early evening, and alot more lively.

Then I only see them asleep with the legs streched out as you mention, very funny positions they have!!

I wouldn't worry at all.
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