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Some breeders do cool leos out of season.

I personally dont, I use this out of season period to ensure that they are eating properly, putting on weight lost whislt laying and in general good health.

Leos whilst they do store fat reserves have a faster matabolism then snakes, and I wouldnt have thought they would last 3 months or so with no food. I dont know this for sure, but would like to try to find out.

As I understand it, the cooling is not as dramatic as snakes, I know some snake keepers who put thiers up in the loft. I have a trio of ball pythons and plan to drop the temps a bit, but not a great deal.

My advice with leos is dont worry about cooling them, but if you want to do some more research or if any one else has experiance cooling leos, I would be interested in hearing it aswell.
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