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Hi im the same situation as you,

but thisis what i have learnyt and understand
1) you dont have to lower temp is up to tbreeder, i have lowered mine as ihave neevr done breeding before might as well go by this way in my opinion anyway. lol

2) You keep feeding the same if not more, with calcium dust on each bit of food, thishelps the gecko out and also helps the eggs grow

3) Breeding geckos under 10 months is not good, and they should really be up to 50g if not 60g before you try.

This particular time is out of season for breeding, so the geckos themselves may not be interested especialy the females. lol typicall hah.

Hope this helps

Need any more help please say

there are many amazing gecko breeders here, purejurassic, fazoor somthing not sure rest of his name sorry, anthony is god, hopefully these gys wil pck up ion this thread and help you

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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