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Hi guys

I recently made a post about my gecko's issues with feeding and thanks to the valuable advice I was given have managed to upgrade my vivarium to an acceptable standard (superior substrate, proper gradient, thermostat and nutrition) but my gecko still isn't eating much.

His usual diet is locusts but he had barely eaten any of them for about a month. A few weeks ago I decided to try wax worms for the first time and he went for them straight away, and then ate two of the mealworms we offered after, but no more. We tried the same thing yesterday and followed with locusts and it was successful, but again he only ate two locusts after the wax worm and no more.

Since wax worms are fatty and contain basically no nutrition I decided to keep trying regular food every other day and only feed him one wax worm once a week, but he only eats regular food if it is preceded by a wax worm.

My question is: should I increase the amount of days he gets a wax worm (such as one worms every two or three days per week) since he is barely eating anything anyway or are they so unhealthy that I should maintain my current plan?

I want him to eat and remain healthy but I certainly don't want an obese gecko or one reliant on wax worms either, he has still got a fat tail despite his month long fast.

If you would like any more details about his living conditions, please let me know.
We certainly will need those details before anyone here can advise you.
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