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So I have finally acquired my first Leo last night; after weeks of reading up on various species, assessing costs and my ability to adequately care for them.

He is a beautiful, 10 week old baby 'Mack Snow'. My girlfriend picked him up from work as I was unable to and we are both smitten already.

I was initially worried his viv might be a bit big as we were actually expecting a year old juvenile but were pleasantly surprised to receive a baby. However he seems to be doing fine, trundling around and exploring everything.

Held him for a few minutes this morning for the first time, simply held my hand in front of him and he walked straight on and proceeded to let me hand walk him until I had to leave for work [where I currently am, but sh].

I practically died of cuteness overload [haha].

Looking forward to getting home later and attempting hand feeding him some crickets. I will probably take a while to adjust to holding the bloody things [I get very fidgety holding anything that I am unsure of biting me]. I'm not afraid as such and can easily look at them and what not but holding something when I can't see what it's about to do just weirds me out.

Ah well, I'm in this for the long haul so I am certain I will get used to it. Until then I have tweezers! Think this weekend is going to be spent with my much more insect tolerant girlfriend accustoming myself to holding the little blighters.

I will try get a picture posted later to show him off. We have decided to name him Echo [the gecko] and although we are obviously unaware of his sex we have evidently subconsciously decided he is a male.

Hope to get to know you all better as time passes and my collection slowly grows.

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