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I got a new Loe from a petshop. I have never brought from there before but she seemed heathey enough. I put her in with my other female and the both of them got on brilliant, no fights or anything. Gizy (frist female) eats fine, as times you cant stop her eating. The only things gizy wont eat is crickets because she cant catch them, and milworms, she just wont touch them. But the newest leo Echo wont eat atall, i tried feeding her in the viv with Gizy but she wouldnt eat, so I took her out and tried, still nothing. Frist I though it might just be her moving in, she might still find it a bit stressfull, so I didnt sweat that much. But its into the second week ands Echo still wouldnt touch, crickets, locus, milworms, or anything else, she has only eating 2 waxworms, but dont want to give her to many becuase it makes them fat.

What I think might of happened to Echo, is that she got feed crickets in the shop and they left them in with cricket food and then got biten by them, thats why she wont touch them. But thinking about it I might be wrong.

What do you think happened and why wont she eat?

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