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Hi everybody, I am looking to rehome/sell my leopard geckos. I have always said I would never sell my pets but unfortunately my current situation dictates it’s for the best. I have just had a baby and lost my job so money is very tight and when I work time is increasing limited so I would like to see them go to someone who has more time for them.

First up I have for sale
1x female hypo 60grams (£20)

1x female hypo 58 grams (£20)

1x female (not sure of morph maybe chocolate albino or tangerine albino.) 58grams (£30)

1x female super snow (very small, has never been big but eats and sheds ect fine) 42grams (£40)

1x female hypo 66 grams (breed by myself a few years ago) (£20)

1 x female hypo very dark orange in colour 90grams (£40)

1x female Sunglow 69grams (£50)

1 x bell albino male (stunning) 89grams (£50)

1x raptor male 90grams (£50)

I apologise, some of the pictures are not that great, please just ask if want to see another. I am open to sensible offers.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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