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Am moving back in with my mum to help care for her and need take as much cash and as few 'things' with me as possible.
Prices are guides and open to negotiation. Am happy to do deals on anything and will post (at cost) anywhere. Paypal preferred.

PM with offers, orders, postage costs or for more details.

LN – like new, no wear on box, covers, etc
MW – minor wear e.g. Scratches on the box, scuffed corners
G – good condition, fair degree of wear but perfectly useable
U – used, a lot of wear but usable to those just wanting a bargain

Box sets:
Band of Brothers, special tin edition box set (MW) - £15
Family Guy, season 1 and 2 (LN) - £5 each
Family Guy, season 4 and 5 (LN) - £7 each
all 4 Family Guy seasons for £20
Futurama, season 1 (G) - £9
Futurama, season 2 (MW) - £10
Red Dwarf, season 1(LN) - £5
The X Files, season 1 (LN) - £10

Single or double disc (sd or dd):
Bride of Frankenstein, sd (LN) - £3
Clockwork Orange, sd (LN) - £3
Crouching tiger, hidden dragon, sd (LN) - £3
Die another day, dd (LN) - £5
Dr Strangelove, collectors edition, sd (LN) - £3
Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, dd (LN) - £5
Jarhead, sd (LN) - £3
Mean Streets, special edition, sd (LN) - £3
Natural Born Killers, special directors cut edition, sd (LN) - £3
Ordinary decent criminal, sd (MW) - £2
Totally Bill Hicks, sd (LN)- £3
Wedding Crashers, uncorked edition, sd (LN) - £3
XXX (Triple X), sd (LN) - £3

Books list will be added soon

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books list added


(paperbacks unless otherwise stated)
All books £1.50 each, 5 for £5

Aylett, Steve
Slaughtermatic (Hardback: LN)

Bradbury, Ray
Fahrenheit 451 (LN)

Coben, Harlan
Tell No One (U)

Cumming, Charles
A Spy By Nature (U)

Fowler, Christopher
Darkest Day (LN)

Gaiman, Neil
Smoke and Mirrors (LN)
Stardust (LN)
Anansi Boys (MW)

Gibbins, David
Atlantis (MW)

Hawes, Annie
Extra Virgin: Amongst the Olive Groves of Liguria (G)

Hume, Alan and Gareth Owen
A Life Through A Lens: Memoirs of a Cameraman (signed by authors: G)

Jones, James
The Thin Red Line (G)

King, Stephen
Carrie (Very used)

Kishlansky, Mark
A Monarchy Transformed, Britain 1603-1714 (MW)

Laermer, Richard
Natives Guide to New York (U)

Lustbader, Eric
The Ninja (LN)

McDermid, Val
2-in-1 volume: The Mermaids Sing and Wire in The Blood (LN)
The Grave Tattoo (G)

Moore, Michael
Stupid White Men (LN)

Nadeau, Jean-Benoit and Julie Barrow
60 Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong (LN)

New Scientist, various authors
Why Don't Penguins Feet Freeze? (G)

Pendreigh, Brian
The Scot Pack: The further adventures of the trainspotters and their fellow travellers (about Ewan McGregor and various other Scottish actors) (MW)

Raban, Jonathan
Bad Land, An American Romance (G)

Reichs, Kathy
Grave Secrets (LN)

Rice, Anne
Vittorio the Vampire (G)
The Vampire Armand (G)
Blood and Gold (G)

Scott, Amanda
Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle

Sheldon, Sidney
2-in-1 volume: The Stars Shine Down and The Best Laid Plans (LN)

Spence, Lewis
Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends (LN)

TV related:
The A to Z of Babylon 5
Farscape: The Illustrated Companion (mw)
The Unofficial X Files Companion (mw)
The New Unofficial X Files Companion (vol 2) (mw)
The Unofficial X Files Companion vol 3 (mw)

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after silence of the lambs do u have it dvd that is or any one else have it

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got the family guy box sets today fantastic thanks unrealjill xx
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