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Hi Randell

Sorry, not at home right now, but I did send you a reply this morning asking about delivery options.

Basicly, I can deliver, Personal via my self not a carrier service to you in mildenhal from me in Brighton for £30. Soonest I can do this Early Monday morning, Around 8 am. Alternativly it would have to be next sunday as I am at AES at kempton park on Sat with tarantulabarn.

As an alternative, you are welcome to come down to me, of course in this case no charge, or meet somewhere inbetween.

Imogen is now on hold for you, to reserve I will need a deposit (min £10) and the delivery fee via paypal.

As soon as you pm or email me with your prefered option, i can get an invoice off to you.

Most of the others are our breeding stock, but there are some that are not yet on the site so if you let me know about what sexes you want and range of morphs I can see what we have. Have you checked out the young ones, I know you will need to grow them on b4 breeding, but will keep costs down.

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