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Hi all

I've just received a Lucky Reptile Dark Spot 250W lamp and I'm sure it's broken but just wanted to ask other peoples opinion incase that's how it's meant to work.

I've got a Swell 100S ceramic in currently but have just got a larger viv and it's not powerful enough to heat it.

So, after talking to Swell they suggested the Dark Spot. I received it today, not from Swell they didn't have any in stock, and after the viv had cooled, I swapped it out and set it to heat, just to check it was working fine. There was a small rattle coming from the inside of lamp so I was already a little suspicious.

It started to heat up and change colour, as I believe it is meant to do. It did seem to be very hot, but that might just be that I've gone from a 100W to a 250W bulb.

After about a minuet it start to make a cracking noise, as if it was expanding, and started to glow bright red, like a ceramic hob would.

I'm sure that its not meant to do that so I've changed it back out for the 100W bulb until I can get it sorted.

Could someone who's used one of these bulbs let me know how it should work.


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