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Mack Tremper Albino babies,Tangerine juvi Male,normal & SHCT Adult males, Nova & S.S

Ok first up we have two lovely little Mack Tremper Albino's, which should be ready in a couple of weeks or so.

Incubated for female (though no guarentees)
We have named them Dot & Jigsaw just so we recognise them & for keeping records, these are not names you have to keep!
Jigsaw is currently weighing: 13.4 grams & Dot weighs : 12.5 grams. Both a month old.
Both shedding, eating & pooing without any problems. Lovely friendly little characters.
Asking £50 each.
First up is 'Dot':

Dot: (Lovely tail patterning!)



Next up is a Male tangerine
weighing: 22.3 grams (so ready to go to a new home)
Age: 2 months old
Shedding, eating & pooing fine
He is getting ready to shed anytime, thats the little bits of skin you can see.

Next a lovely SHCT Sadly having to part with some of our adult males as are male heavy :(
He is missing a couple of toes due to sheds (toe tips) was like that when we bought him.
Roughly 18 months old.
weighs: 74.3 grams, so quite a big boy!
Eating, pooing, and shedding fine.
Quite active this one!

Another of our adult males :(
Normal poss lavender as that's the colours he is showing among the cross pattern on his back
Weighing: 63.8 grams
Eating, pooing, shedding fine.
Lovely friendly boy.

Our lovely Nova male
as advertised on my other post.
Updated pics/details
Weighing: 19.6 grams
So ready to go anytime.
Eating pooing & shedding fine.
7-8 weeks old
1 snake eye, one normal
Real lovely character, likes a cuddle :)

He was about to shed in this pic so looks white lol:

After shed, camera doesn't do his colour justice I'm afraid :(

Super snow Male 7-8 weeks old
Was previously up for £65, will take £50 as such a lovely little guy, but no takers.
He weighs: 20 grams
eating, pooing, shedding fine.
We have quite a few super snows, and males, otherwise we would have kept this one had he been a she. Such a sweet personality & loves his grub!
Not allowed anymore images, but feel free to look at my albums at this little one

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Great looking Geckos....
ive sent a pm..

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Just an update on the weights.
Mack Tremper Albinos Dot 14.6g and Jigsaw 16.2g...doing really great :2thumb:
Tangerine male now 28.2g....lovely colours :notworthy:
SHCT adult male 75g and the normal male 64g...doing well :2thumb:
Nova male is now 21.8g and as friendly as ever : victory:
and the Super snow is 23.4g and maybe going to his new home tonight :2thumb:
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