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2 Mack Tremper Albino's available anytime soon, once reached at least 20 grams.
Born Mid may 2010.

Firstly one we have named Jigsaw (this name you do not have to keep, just so we can recognise each one & for our records!)
Currently weighing : 16.2 grams
Incubated for female (though no guarentees)
eating, pooing & shedding fine.
Very laid back little Leo's both of these :)
Taken a week ago:

Taken yesterday:

2nd Mack tremper Albino ('Dot' again named just for our records)
Born: Mid May 2010
Currently weighing: 14.6 grams
Eating, pooing & shedding without any problems.

Taken a week ago:

Deposit can secure.
Cash on collection please.
feel free to pm with any questions you may have & we'd be happy to help.
Should be ready within a couple of weeks. We will not let any Leo go before it has reached a good sturdy weight that we are happy with, because the Leo's well being comes first ;)

Thanks for looking.
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