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First up we have a young Mack tremper Albino.
Incubated for female & still looking that way at the moment (though no guarantees)

Currently Weighing: 14.6 grams
(So wont be ready to go until reaches at least 20 grams in weight)
eating pooing & shedding without problems.

second up is the sister of the one we sold a little while ago now & she is still with us. We called her Dot so we could tell her from her sister! But this isn't a name you have to keep!!
Born Mid may
Now weighing: 36.5 grams. So more than ready to go!
eating pooing & Shedding without any promlems at all.

Cash on collection please. Deposit can secure.
Any questions please feel free to pm & we will help all we can :)
Thanks for looking x

First up the young mack Tremper:

Here is the older one 'Dot' got plenty of baby photo's etc if need to see them :)
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