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Again re list due to losing pics off the old thread:bash:

First up is the younger of the two,
Now weighing 22.1 grams so just ready to go to her new home.
Eating, pooing & shedding without any problems at all.
Still showing as female. Lovely little girl.

2nd up is an older Mack Tremper Albino. She was sold, but sadly that all fell through after many weeks of holding her back.
Born Mid May
Currently weighing: 40.3 grams
Would love to see this little girl settled into a loving new home.
She eats, poo's and sheds with no problems.
Real sweet girl.

All our Leo's are bought up with kitchen roll as substrate, eat mini or large Mealies,depending on Leo size, as staple. Locusts & crix occasionally. Calcium always available & Nutrobal added each week.
We are Happy to courier using Tarantulabarn, as they have couried 3 of our leo's and we couln't be happier with how well they were looked after (Thanks Steve:2thumb:)

Cash on collection please. Deposit can secure.
Any questions please feel free to pm & we will help all we can.
Thanks for looking x
1 - 12 of 12 Posts