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Very very sad + reluctant sale, due to personal reasons me and my partner are having to get rid of our beloved pair of iguanas more info will be shown below- PLEASE NOTE- we will not sell to just anybody, needs to be an experienced keeper and aware of their care/requirements.

The female iguana is 3 years of age and the male is 3 + a half years of age we purchased the two from Tom Crutchfield In America, we have had them both since they was 12 months of age, both are hand tame but like all igs have their off days. As mentioned in the title the two are not standard green iguanas, they are het albino meaning once they breed (which they are both showing positive signs of this) they have not bred as of yet but will have a chance of producing albino offsprings when they do. Please note- colour wise they r green with a tinge of albino in them.

They will be sold with their full setup consisting of a vivexotic vivarium, heat light, ceramic heat bulb, UV lights and all fitting for all lights, 2x huge pieces of wood to climb and a small waterfall.

These iguanas mean alot to me and my partner, we would like a knowledgable individual who will care for them adequately to take them on, if you know iguanas you know they can be a handful. We both haven't set out hearts on a price as of yet, but we are looking for offers over £600 for them both and their set up but this can be agreed if the right person comes along, if you are interested please let me know, pictures can be sent on request. This is a very hard sale and we aren't in a rush to sell them we will wait till the right home comes along! will be collection only from Maidenhead,Berkshire. If you would like any more info and details please contact me, they would be a great asset to anybody that breeds reptiles iguanas I'm particular. Further info and photos can be sent on request, thanks
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