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Years ago I had a snake and was thinking of getting another then noticed the beardies. After reading up on them I decided they were for me, I was a bit apprehensive over having to feed them insects but thought that I'd get over that.

If anything my phobia of them is getting worse and I can stand even the thought of having them in the flat. Elvis is 2yr old according to his previous owner, has a lovely disposition and I think he's unique. Unfortunately he doesn't have any claws and some toes missing on his left side, previous owner said she got him like that. I personally think it just gives him a uniqueness.

I haven't had him long and haven't had previous experience of beardies. He doesn't like veg, or seems not to I've been trying different combinations. He has large adult locusts (ugh) God I shuddered just writing that, it's got so bad.

I'm posting him on here as I want him to go to someone who will know how to look after him and love him thanks, I'm looking at about £40 :(
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