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i have a male bearded dragon that i need to rehome, he has lost a foot and half his tail, he also looks lie he has a deformity on his front left food where is forst 2 toes are seperate from the next 2 and a big gap in between. i have 4 females kept with him but DO NOT want to breed and needs to go asap he also looks like he cannot breed as he has never tried he is a dark normal beardie. i live in southport and needs to be picked up as no transport.
would like to no where he is going eg viv size with females or with out but, i really dont think he is a good breeder at all, i got him from someone on preloved, swapped for a leopard gecko but he deliverd for me i couldnt say no when he deliverd.

if you want him or intrested drop me a pm or will try and keep looking on this thread but very hard for computer access so buy phone would be even better -07594768931- thanks sophe x
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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